Arrange quick and easy repairs, alterations and maintenance for:

  • lifting, lowering, manipulating vessels
  • seasonal maintenance and repair on the engines¬†
  • works on electrical equipment and electronics
  • works in plastic, wood, steel and stainless steel
  • welding works
  • turning works
  • carpenter works
  • hydraulic works
  • work on mast and deck equipment

For any additional information, please contact us directly.

Ship Carpenter

Disassembly, assembly and repair of ship’s wooden interiors. Rehabilitation of damaged and construction of new teak decks and installation of the same. For the production of new teak decks we use only teak delivered from the leading European distributor Comilegno.¬†

Ship Electricity

We repair electrical installations on the boat and offer the service of winter battery maintenance, installation of navigation systems. We install generators, walkways and install all types of satellite equipment, radars, etc.


We offer custom-made stainless steel constructions for ships and yachts.

Ship Mechanics

We perform all types of services on vessels, preparation of engines and generators for wintering, diagnostics, regular seasonal maintenance of vessels.

GRP Works

Cleaning and polishing of the hull and superstructure, sanding and application of antifouling, sanding to gelcoat and application of anti-osmosis coatings, painting of the plastic surface of the vessel (hull, superstructure).